Watertown Woman Raising Money to Give Gift Cards to the Homeless

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A Watertown woman saddened to see a homeless man in Harvard Square sitting out in frigid weather wearing only a tattered shirt and pants was inspired to help the homeless by giving them gift cards.

Joanna Munson-Palomba started a fundraising effort on Indiegogo.com called Cards for a Cause. She hopes to raise $500 by April 13.

Munson-Palomba started collecting gift cards and money to buy more cards to help the homeless in the Boston area.

“Just one ten dollar donation could feed a kid on the streets or give them a warm sandwich and coffee. What seems like a impersonal gift from a distant relative can give a homeless man or woman some relief from a hard life,” she wrote on her Indiegogo page.

She said by giving gift cards people will know how their donation will be used.

“The truth about panhandling is that generally, people want to give money to the homeless but we all know it’s complicated and I know that I’m not in any place to give $5 to the homeless woman every morning. I also don’t feel like I can walk by her as if I don’t see her and/or don’t care. This is a way to help!” she wrote.

Even if the $500 goal is not met, Munson-Palomba assures that she will put the money toward helping Boston’s homeless population.

She will also take requests for what the gift cards will go for.

“If you send in $20 with a note that you want it to go towards a gift card for Shaws then I assure you it will,” Munson-Palomba said.

To donate, go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cards-for-a-cause–2. For more information contact Joanna Munson-Palomba at jomunpalomba@gmail.com


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