School Committee Debating Adding an Extra Day of School

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All this snow had thrown the school calendar into a bit of chaos, and with the threat of snow still very real Superintendent Jean Fitzgerald has proposed adding an extra day of school.

After six snow days, the current last day of school is scheduled to be June 30, but Fitzgerald fears students may get another snow day. The extra day would be on Friday, April 3, which is scheduled to be a day off.

“If we had a half day on April 3 and there is no snow the last day will be June 29,” Fitzgerald said. “If we had snow, the last day would be June 30.”

Fitzgerald worked with the Watertown Educators Association – the teachers union -to find out what was their preferred option. Another consideration was having a school day during April Vacation or on a Saturday, Fitzgerald said.

The district must have at least 180 days of school to meet the state requirements and must be done by the end of June.

The School Committee will vote on the plan at its next meeting, on Monday, March 2 at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.

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