Town Fines Property Owner for Creating Snow Dump

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The owner of the site where a hotel has been proposed has been fined by the Town of Watertown for setting up a snow storage yard on the property.

Trucks have been seen delivering loads of snow to 80 Elm Street, said East End Town Councilor Angeline Kounelis. The snow has been piled so high, she said, that it now is taller than the Watertown Mall, which sits next door.

“Doing this is disrespectful to the East End of Watertown,” Kounelis said. “The East End should not be perceived as a dumping ground.”

On Monday, Watertown Zoning Enforcement Office Michael Mena sent the owners, 80 Elm Street LLC, an order to cease using the site as a snow dump. Mena said that is not a use permitted in Watertown.

A fine was issued, Mena said, and it can continue to be fined daily but it has not so far. Fines can be between $100 and $300, Mena said.

“Whether that will be done is yet to be determined,” Mena said. “Usually, as long as a property owner works to be in compliance, there is no reason to levy additional fines.”

The site used to be the Atlantic Battery Company, which left some contamination in the soil. This could be an issue, Mena said.

“They are cleaning up the site as part of the demolition of the building,” Mena said. “We will see whether or not there is contamination in the runoff.”

This is not the first time the site has been used for other purposes, Kounelis said. Earlier this year cars from a Galen Street dealership were being parked there, she said.

One thought on “Town Fines Property Owner for Creating Snow Dump

  1. I wonder what will be done with the snow as it could not be contaminated if at this site…or the runoff if left there to melt?
    Are any of the officials looking into this?!

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