Watertown Pet Hospital Helping Stray Animals, Pets of Low Income Families

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Watertown’s Pet Haven Animal Hospital has signed up to be part of a state program to help spay and neuter stray animals and help low income residents who have a dog or cat. 

The Massachusetts Animal Fund provides vouchers for local homeless animals and low income families.  Pet Haven has signed up as one of the providers.

To promote the fund, they are hosting ‘The Commonwealth Fix’ on March 26, 2015. Any low income resident who owns a dog or cat that is not spayed or neutered can call Watertown Animal Control Officer Karen O’Reilly at 617-972-6446 to request a voucher for the event.

With the voucher the procedure is free to the resident. Once they have the voucher they can book a spot for the event. I am attaching the flyer, unfortunately it didn’t scan well!

For more info see the Watertown Animal Control Facebook page by clicking here.

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