Penalties Could Stiffen for Businesses That Do Not Shovel Snow

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Businesses that do not shovel snow could pay a stiffer penalty if the Town Council subcommittee adopts the recommended changes to the town’s snow ordinance.

In the current ordinance, commercial properties get a warning for the first violation, a $25 fine for the second violation and a $50 fine for the third. The Rules and Ordinances Committee recommended some changes, said chairman and Councilor Ken Woodland.

“To encourage compliance with the town’s ordinance, (the committee) recommended the town should eliminate what is a mandatory warning for first time offenders,” Woodland said. “The committee¬†also recommend increasing increasing the quantity of fines and increase for subsequent fines.”

Woodland said code enforcement officers would have the option of giving a warning.

The new fines would be $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense and $300 for the third one.

Changes to the snow shoveling ordinance will be voted on at a future Town Council meeting.

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