Former Watertown Resident Recalls His Memories of the Marathon Bombings


Brian Brandt wrote that he made one of the hardest walks of his life – just one block from his home to Franklin Street, where the second Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect was found.

Brandt said he is is leaving the area he has called home for years.

“I came here to watch a house. I fell in Love. I have to leave not just Watertown, but Boston in general … I have loved every minute of my time in this magical place. This is truly the gem of the Boston area,” Brandt wrote in an email to Watertown News.

Not only did he live near where one of the suspects was found, but he also is a runner who many years went to the finish line to watch the Marathon. He knows some of those caught in the blasts, one of whom lost a leg.

Read his essay by clicking here.

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