Watertown Insurance Agency Helping Cancer Patients Through Livestrong

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H&K Insurance

The LIVESTRONG foundation at the Framingham, Mass YMCA will be opening up registrations for their next course with the help of Watertown’s H&K Insurance Agency.

The opportunity to donate $1,000 is important for H&K Insurance, who wants to support local businesses who make a difference in the lives of local cancer patients. Every year the MetroWest YMCA runs a campaign to raise funds for their community programs, including LIVESTRONG.

LIVESTRONG is a physical activity and well-being initiative for cancer survivors which has helped 6000 participants nationwide. The program helps cancer patients rebuild strength and regain abilities they may have lost. In addition, an active life cycle is shown to reduce the likelihood of a relapse.

“I am a cancer survivor,” said Paul Perry, CISR, AAI Treasurer/General Manager of H & K Insurance. “My treatment stopped a year and 9 months ago. So far, I’m cancer free. Fighting cancer isn’t just the pursuit of a cure. It’s about supporting those who have fought cancer and won.”

With the current three month course in full swing, MetroWest YMCA is looking forward to continued participation in upcoming courses. Since the program does not cost the participants, making donations a vital part of sustaining LIVESTRONG for local cancer survivors.

Richard A. MacPherson, President & CEO of MetroWest Y had this to say about LIVESTRONG: “This program has such a positive impact on its participants and their families, and it is great to see the bonds that form during the program that extend long thereafter.”

More than 12 million cancer survivors live in the United States, and 3 out of 4 families will help care for a family member with cancer. Recent medical research has shown that exercise can counteract the often debilitating side effects of cancer treatment. When cancer survivors participate in moderate levels of physical activity, fatigue is reduced, physical strength is increased, and quality of life is significantly improved.

For more information about LIVESTRONG at the MetroWest YMCA, please contact Lisa Mandozzi at 508-879-4420 Ext. 45 or visit www.metrowestymca.org/social_responsibility/advocacy/livestrong/

To learn more about H & K Insurance, visit their website at www.hkinsurance.com.

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