LETTER: Health Department Urges Residents to Keep Watertown Clean


Along with the much anticipated snow melt and onset of Spring, we also anticipate the emergence of debris – paper, cans and bottles, snack bags and wrappers, and, unfortunately, uncollected dog waste – that has remained buried under the blankets, mounds, and banks of snow and ice.

Help keep Watertown clean by removing all debris on your property, sidewalks, and other areas around your houses and businesses on a frequent basis as the melting snow exposes it.

Assist elderly or disabled neighbors by removing debris on their property. Business and property owners, please clean around dumpsters and rubbish disposal areas and ensure that all debris is properly contained.

Survey your dumpsters and rubbish containers for holes, cracks, and other damage that could result in leaks and spillage of waste into parking lots and on public ways.

We wish to thank all of you for your efforts to Keep Watertown Clean!

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