See How Local, National Media Covered the Armenian Genocide

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The Armenian Genocide has been the focus of local and national coverage today, with stories of survivors, calls for the United States to officiall recognize the Genocide and a history of Armenians in Watertown.

National Public Radio’s WBUR did a piece about Watertown’s Armenian residents, who make up the third largest concentration of Armenian’s in the United States. Reporter Bruce Gellerman went to the monthly gathering at St. James’ Armenian cultural center, and talked to local resident about the meaning of the Genocide. Read and listen to the story by clicking here.

The Watertown-based Armenian Mirror-Spectator newspaper has two moving accounts from people who survived the genocide. Read the piece, “Two Stories of Genocide Survival,” by clicking here.

The Mirror-Spectator also has an essay by Pulitzer Prize winning Boston Globe reporter Stephen Kurkjian called “A Family Defined by More than Survival.”

The Boston Globe’s editorial page featured a piece calling for the United States to officially refer to the events of 1915 as a genocide. Recently the Pope and the European Parliament acknowledged that the the Ottoman Empire carried out a genocide. The United States has not, however, due to political interests of maintaing good relations with Turkey. Read the op-ed piece by clicking here.

The New York Times’ has a piece on the marking of the 100th anniversary in Armenia. The piece also features links to stories of descendants of survivors recall the Genocide and to the Times’ coverage of the genocide in 1915. Click here to see the story.

The Washington Posts’ coverage includes a story called “Why Israel does not recognize the Armenian genocide.” Click here to read it.

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