See What Makes a Responsible Dog Owner in Watertown

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Charlie Breitrose

Dogs could soon have a place to play in East Watertown.

Dogs could soon have a place to play in East Watertown.

Charlie Breitrose

Dogs owners have to follow certain rules in Watertown.

Dog owners love their pets like another member of the family, but having a pooch means added responsibility.
Watertown Animal Control and the Health Department have published an information pamphlet called “Responsible Dog Ownership in Watertown.” It features all sorts of information about having a dog in town.

Requirements include:

  • Dogs must be licensed with the town
  • They must be vaccinated for rabies
  • They must be leashed when on a public way
  • You must pick up after your dog, and
  • pet waste may not be disposed of in storm drains

The pamphlet also includes information about Watertown’s dog parks. This includes the town-run one at How Park (Pleasant and Bacon streets) and one at Alta at the Estate, 100 Woodview Lane, which has been opened to the general public.

Also, learn about Animal Control Officer Karen O’Reilly, who works with the Health Department, 149 Main St., Watertown. She can be reached at or 617 -972 -6446.

See the pamphlet here:

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