Veterans’ Services Officer Wants to Make Sure Vets are Honored Properly

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Charlie Breitrose

Watertown Veteran's Services Officer Mark Comeiro hopes to help more veterans get benefits.

Watertown Veteran's Services Officer Mark Comeiro hopes to help more veterans get benefits.

Charlie Breitrose

Watertown Veteran’s Services Officer Mark Comeiro unveiled some of his plans.

Watertown’s new Veterans’ Services Officer has plans to bring things up to date and give the town’s current and former veterans their due. The town has memorialized those who died in this country’s wars, and have acknowledged the actions of servicemen and women by naming squares in their honor.

The town’s rolls of honor and the squares could use some upgrading, said Veterans’ Services Officer Mark Comeiro.

“I would like to replace the Korean War Memorial with a new upgraded honor roll,” Comeiro said. “Some Korean War veterans are not on the plaque.”

He also wants to make new honor rolls for those who have served in the most recent wars.

“I am researching and planning a veterans honor roll for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, for those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said.

There are many squares scattered around Watertown honoring veterans. Comeiro wants to update the policy for naming squares as well as updating the signs to make the uniform and replace weathered signs.

Comeiro also wants to find out more about each of those honored by having a square dedicated in their names.

“I want to find out who they were, where they served and list it on a website or something,” Comeiro said.

In addition, Comeiro wants Watertown to become a Purple Heart Town. Waltham recently became one. Watertown must apply and the Town Council has to pass a proclamation declaring that Watetown is a Purple Heart Town. Then a ceremony will be held and signs will be put up proclaiming Watertown as a Purple Heart Town, Comeiro said.

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