4 thoughts on “School Committee Struggling Over How to Choose WHS Logo and Mascot

  1. The person who posted above is going on as an unidentified person and content must be stricken.

    As far as uniforms go, several uniforms over the years do have the indian embroidered logo/mascot.

    The website on Facebook, Save The Red Raider, continues to receive images from past alumni. The logo of some version of an Indian has been placed by the school on Mugs, Yearbooks, Rings, etc.


    If I go to the Library, I expect to find more.

  2. Then you should check the “your from Watertown if” group on Facebook and see what Barenholz said there. Its a public group and the quote I posted is real.

    Personally I don’t even care about the mascot but don’t go around saying everyone is being rude to each other when your part of the problem, maybe the worst one even.

    • Thank you for your comment on this article. First let me start off by that what you have typed is somewhat accurate.. I did address one of them as a pompous ass. But what you fail to mention in your comment is to why I said that. Let me expound on this if I may… These boys were on multiple websites being extremely rude and disrespectful to numerous people.. They were asked not to be disrespectful and if they were going to comment, do it in a more civil manner. They in turn thumbed their noses at the multiple people who asked them to stop. They then decided to escalate the situation by saying negative things to everyone. That is when I had enough with the disrespect that was shown to me and other people on facebook. After I made those comments, I had many people inbox me on fb and say nothing but positive things about how I handled the situation… I own it. I said it, and I stand by it.. Good or bad… But what I can’t believe is by you insinuating that I am part of the problem. You don’t even have the decency to post your real name… The only type of person I can think of that fits that description is a coward.. You are an absolute coward for posting someone’s name and not posting your own.. With that being said.. That is why I said what I said.. They were 2 disrespectful individuals that needed to be spoken to in terms they only knew!!! If you would like to speak to me more about this, this is not the place. You obviously know I am on social media. You may reach me there! Thank you for letting me take the time to tell the WHOLE story. Please show some respect and comment to me directly and not on here!

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