See Details of the Watertown Police Supervisors Union’s New Contract

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Watertown’s police supervisors will be required to wear body armor, submit to drug tests and carry antidotes to overdoses and allergic reactions as part of their new contract. 

On Tuesday, the Town Council voted to transfer $197,625 to cover a new contract agreement with the Watertown Police Supervisors Association, which covers sergeants, lieutenants and captains.

The contract calls for members to submit to mandatory, random drug testing, according to the details of the contract.

Police supervisors will now carry and be able to administer two potentially life-saving items: Narcan – which can reverse heroin and opiate overdoses – and epi-pens – which help with many allergic reactions.

Also, they must wear body armor when they are working field activities, including working a patrol shift. In addition, they must wear protective vests for high risk and tactical situations, such as serving search warrants, drug raids and initial crime scene response.

The supervisors received a 2.5 percent pay raises for each year from Fiscal 2014 to to 2016. Also, they will get a 2 percent raise for defibrillator training and sergeants get an extra 1 percent increase after one year in that rank.

One item eliminated in this contract is the $1,300 uniform allowance. Members will will now be responsible for purchasing and cleaning their uniforms.

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