DCR Looking for Lifeguards for Watertown’s Dealtry Pool

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The DCR's Dealtry Pool in Watertown.


Dealtry Pool

Lifeguard positions are available at Dealtry Pool in Watertown this summer. 

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation sent out the following announcement:

With the opening of pools across the state this weekend, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is currently seeking applicants for lifeguard positions for many of the state’s pools and beaches, including Dealtry Memorial Pool in the City of Watertown. DCR lifeguards are professional rescuers who are trained to both prevent injuries from occurring, and to respond in an emergency to help save a life.

“The Department of Conservation and Recreation works hard to ensure that our state’s pools and beaches are as safe as can be, and that starts with the training of our lifeguards, who are certified in lifesaving practices and procedures,” said DCR Commissioner Carol Sanchez. “I encourage anyone interested, especially someone in the Watertown area, to apply to become a lifeguard for the state this summer.”

The current wage for a lifeguard position is $13.26 an hour. The agency also provides CPR and lifeguard certification at no cost to trainees. As part of a team, lifeguards must work together in a calm and efficient manner to manage crisis situations.

To learn more about lifeguarding opportunities with the Department of Conservation and Recreation, please call 617-626-1224 or visit DCR’s lifeguard webpage (http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/inside-our-agency/employment/dcr-lifeguard-test-dates.html) for a lifeguard application, requirements of the position, and lifeguard test dates and locations.

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