See Where Watertown Ranks in List of Healthiest Cities in Massachusetts

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Watertown cracked the top 30 healthiest cities around Massachusetts according to a recently released ranking.

The folks at NerdWallet ranked cities and towns around the Bay State using information such as health care data, hospital survey scores, how people get to work (walking or biking vs. driving), the number of parks and the number of McDonald’s restaurants. Watertown came out number 29.

Nearly 20 percent of Watertown residents commute to work using an alternative to cars. This ranks higher than most of the communities, but lower than four of the five the highest ranked places – Cambridge, Brookline, Boston and Somerville.

The non-car commuting makes up 30 percent of the score. Another 30 percent of the score comes from the proportion of parks per 10,000 residents.

Watertown has 5.56 parks per/10,000 residents. The second ranked town – Great Barrington – fares well in this category with a ratio of 19.85.

The proportion of Watertown residents covered by health insurance is 96.2 percent. The highest was 99.6 percent, the ranking for both Groton and Hamilton. Everett had the lowest coverage rate with 88.5 percent. This ranking makes up 15 percent of the score.

With no McDonald’s in town, Watertown has a high score in this category, but it makes up only 10 percent of the score.

The final category is the county hospital ranking, which is 69.5 for Watertown and the rest of Middlesex County.

See the complete rankings and read more about the study by clicking here.

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