Watertown Man Arrested for Wearing ‘Ammo Belt’ on MBTA Bus

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The "ammo belt" worn by a Watertown man, and which landed him in hot water.
The \”ammo belt\” worn by a Watertown man, and which landed him in hot water.

Boston Police arrested a Watertown man after he boarded an MBTA bus wearing a what appeared to be a strip of ammunition around his waist.

On Friday at about 4:20 p.m police responded to a bus that pulled over at Cambridge and Harvard streets in Brighton, according to the Boston Police Department’s website, BPDNews.com.

{See and update on the case by clicking here}.

“Officers learned that the driver had pulled the bus over as passengers began calling 911 when a male suspect boarded the bus with what appeared to be military grade ammunition strapped around his waist,” said the police report. “The driver stated that the passengers were in a panic, fearing that the suspect was about to pull out a weapon.”

The suspect, Kevin Young, 26 of Watertown exited the bus and was stopped by Boston Police on Penniman Road. Police found that the ammunition was fake, and was in fact a belt.

He also was wearing spiked fighting gloves and spiked leather bracelets.

Boston Police took Young into custody and he will appear in Brighton District Court on charges of unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawfully carrying dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct.

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