LETTER: Retired Firefighter Announces Candidacy for West End Councilor

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Robert B. McCarthy, a lifelong Watertown resident who resides at 71 Bromfield St., announced that he is a candidate for Town Councilor representing District D.

“I believe it is time for a change. I pledge to vigorously campaign and will listen to the people of Watertown,” McCarthy said.

Town Clerk John Flynn notified Mr. McCarthy Friday that his nomination papers have been certified. McCarthy, a Viet Nam Era U.S. Navy Veteran, previously served as an elected Town Meeting Member before the Town voted to change the Town Government and Charter to a Town Manager/Council form of government in 1981. He served for thirty four years in the Watertown Fire Department retiring as a Captain in 2001.

He also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts from 1987 to 2011. In that capacity he represented more than 12,000 members from more than 200 unions. Mr. McCarthy, presently is self employed as a professional consultant.

He currently serves as one of seven Commissioners on the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission; an independent State agency that promulgates rules and regulations for the over one hundred municipal and regional retirement boards throughout the Commonwealth of MA.

Bob McCarthy has a long history of activism in Watertown. He has served as a Director on the Watertown Boys and Girls Club, Commissioner of the Watertown Recreation Commission and Chairman of the State Watertown Contributory Retirement Board.

“I will work in a cooperative and professional manner using my experience and leadership; to provide the absolute best services for all the people of Watertown and assure the citizens that their hard working taxes are expended in the absolute best interests to all who reside and work in Watertown,” said McCarthy.

Robert B. McCarthy, 70 is a homeowner in Watertown with his wife of 48 years; Dorothy McCarthy. They have three children and five grandchildren.

Submitted by Bob McCarthy

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  1. Why is the submitter of this letter not identified? This letter is written as if it were a news article.

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