LETTER: Watertown Group to Help Seniors to Remove Snow This Winter

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Watertown Prosperity, Inc. would like to announce to members of the Watertown community, that for the second straight year, it will be conducting its snow-shoveling program.

What is the program? Local volunteers from Watertown schools are matched with elderly and/or disabled Watertown residents to remove snow from their home for the duration of the winter.

How does it work? A small group of volunteers is assigned to each home that signs up with us. That same volunteer group is then responsible for clearing the snow from that same home after each snowfall, for the duration of the winter season.

Snow will be removed from the stairs, walkways, and from behind cars. There is no strict time in which the snow must be removed and volunteers are trusted to use their best judgment.

Is there a cost? No. This is a completely free service. Funding for this program has generously been provided through grants from the Watertown Community Foundation, Marshall Home Fund, Watertown Savings Bank, and the Watertown Commission on Disability.

How to sign up? If you would like to sign up for snow removal services for next winter or would like to volunteer to shovel, please email watertownprosperity@gmail.com. Please contact us at your earliest convenience as resources are limited and spaces fill quickly. For more information about Watertown Prosperity, please feel free to visit our website at watertownprosperity.com.

The Board of Directors
Watertown Prosperity, Inc.

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