Arsenal Project Providing Spots for People to Park Car, Bike to Work

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Watertown’s Arsenal Project will make space available for people who want to park their car and then bicycle into work. 

On July 31, a new multi-modal commuting system called Park&Pedal debuted in Boston, the first program of its kind in the United States, and the Arsenal Project is one of the participating sites, according to the program announcement.

The free program is designed to encourage bike commuting by providing a network of parking hub conveniently located cycling distance from centers of employment. Commuters can park their car for free and ride their bike the remaining distance to work, thereby avoiding traffic congestion and parking in the city.

There are four spaces at the Arsenal Project reserved for this innovative program.

David Montague of Montague Bikes, the creator of the program, said, “We are excited to be working with the Arsenal Project as a retail partner in the inaugural launch of Park&Pedal. They quickly understood the benefits of Park&Pedal both for commuters, and for the environment. They are leading the way for what we believe will be a generation of retailers who, by hosting Park&Pedal hubs of their own, look to deliver employed and healthy commuters to their establishments daily, while helping reduce everyone’s carbon footprint.”

Tom Wilder, Principal at The Wilder Companies, co-developer of the Arsenal Project, said, “We believe this is an important program and one that we are proud to be a part of. The Arsenal Project wants to serve as a hub for the Watertown community and we look forward to seeing those four designated spaces utilized by biking commuters on a daily basis!”

Mark Walker of Montague added, “Retailers such as the Arsenal Project, which is adjacent to the DCR bike path along the Charles River, see the benefits of providing parking spaces for Park&Pedal and we are so pleased that they are now hosting a hub of their own.”

For more information on Park & Pedal and how you can park at the Arsenal Project, visit or contact Montague Bikes at 800-736-5348.

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