LETTER: Former Council President Seeks Alternate Way to Choose Police Chief

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Dear Editor,

During this past Tuesday night’s Town Council Meeting, several Councilors questioned the search/appointment process the Town Manager explained that he favored. Evidently, he stated that the process that he wished to employ is utilized in several other communities.

Since the community is well served by an interim appointment , there should be not be a rush to appoint another Police Chief. The vacancy offers the Council the opportunity to refer the matter to the Public Safety Sub-Committee. The Public Safety Sub-Committee can conduct public hearings so that they can hear from the taxpayers and residents of Watertown regarding the appointment process and the qualities they wish to see in a Police Chief.

The sub-committee can conduct a hearing during the day and one in the evening order to gain as much input as possible. Following the hearings and discussion, they can take the recommendation back to the full committee for a vote.

After the Town Council has voted, they can then direct the manager to follow the policy they have voted on regarding the search/appointment process for selecting a new Police Chief.


Clyde L. Younger
Former Town Council President
Candidate for Town Council President

One thought on “LETTER: Former Council President Seeks Alternate Way to Choose Police Chief

  1. I agree that our elected officials should be directing the Town Manager after getting input from their constituents. If you check on the web, it is most common (and proper, in my opinion) that major decisions about hires at such a high level should be made by citizens and their representatives.

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