Police Log: Man Faces OUI & Drug Charges, Store Employee Took Nearly $5K

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Watertown Police Patch

The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.


Sept. 10, 3:46 p.m: Target security stopped a man who put numerous items in a cart and tried to leave without paying. He had $320.80 worth of merchandise. The 27-year-old man from Randolph was arrested on a charge of shoplifting over $100.

Sept. 10, 4:33 p.m.: A vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign and when the officer ran the driver’s record he found the driver had an arrest warrant. The 30-year-old woman from Watertown was arrested on the warrant from Brighton District Court.

Sept. 13, 5:48 a.m.: An officer patrolling in Watertown Square spotted a woman go straight across the intersection from the left turn lane. The vehicle continued down Arsenal Street going the wrong direction. The officer stopped the car and detected an odor of alcohol on the breath of the driver. During a search, police found prescription medication. The 28-year-old Watertown man was arrested on charging of driving under the influence of alcohol, presenting someone else’s license, one count of possession of a Class C drug and two counts of possession of a Class E drug.

Sept. 13, 6:11 p.m.: An officer on Charles River Road clocked a car going 44 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone. The driver was pulled over and officers discovered he had a warrant. The 36-year-old Boston man was arrested on the warrant from Waltham District Court.


Sept. 7, 1:08 p.m.: A shoplifter was spotted at Stop & Shop on Watertown Street. The suspect took items, put them in a cart and left the store. When security checked video, they spotted the man getting out of a car, which remained in the parking lot after he left the store. Security went out and found the keys still in the car. They took the keys and left a note for the owner to contact the store. The owner later came to the Police Station and admitted to taking the items. The 46-year-old man from Waltham was summonsed to Waltham District Court for shoplifting, a second offense.

Sept. 10, 11:14 a.m.: A woman parked near the main entrance of the Watertown Mall on the morning of Sept. 8 and when she returned the car was in disarray. A bag was taken from the trunk which contained clothes, a drill set and perfume.

Sept. 9, 7:59 p.m.: Security at the Arsenal on the Charles reported seeing three men on security video on the roof of the parking garage go into the valet parking booth, remove a box with flash lights and vests inside. They also threw index cards all over the parking deck. Security got the suspect’s license plate and police are investigating.

Sept. 9, 3:47 p.m.: A Home Depot employee was caught taking money from the register. On three different occasions the register he worked on came up short, for a total of $4,900 since July 18. The 21-year-old man from Mattapan was summonsed to Waltham District Court for larceny over $250.

Sept. 11, 6:09 p.m.: A woman was seen taking stickers off of storage boxes at Target that said $1.99 and put them on higher value items. She reportedly put the stickers on $51.99 worth of merchandise. The 55-year-old woman from Waltham was summonsed to Waltham District Court for larceny.

Sept. 12, 10:48 a.m.: A resident reported he heard his car alarm going off at 1 a.m. on Sept. 9 and when he looked he did not see anything. However, he discovered later that his wife’s car had been entered and some cash was missing from the center console. The man also found his vehicle had been entered and some change was missing.

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