3 thoughts on “Dog Park Group Worried by Preliminary Drawing of Park Redesign

  1. This is a pathetic proposal. The How Park is bad enough, a steep unusable incline, no gravel, deep holes, dust and mud- but this proposal is truly horrendous. Is this supposed to be a joke? I’d be happy to be on a committee of serious minded residents whose aspirations for Watertown go beyond mediocre.

  2. Agree that the dog area is too small. It is nice that it seems to include a wooded area for the dogs. Make the green smaller and replace it with something like a Rose Garden that is more interesting. And maybe an arbor with grape vines and seating for shade.

    Make more room for dogs and add some bocce courts. We need features that will encourage those too old for full court basketball to come and congregate as well. The ping pong tables are a start. They work very well in Bryant Park in New York. Look to great and well used parks in other cities for ideas.

  3. The long and narrow part designated for dogs is inappropriate for dogs but perfect for a Bacci court, and a Gaga court in the circular upper area would be an awesome addition to the recreational options in town. Gaga is very cheap to build and needs very little maintenance. (Gaga is a game played all over the world and at nearly every summer camp by 2 or more players with a playground ball. IMPORTANT: It’s a great game for kids who may not enjoy team sports; they deserve outdoor play options, too.

    As for the dog park, go visit the one on Newtonville Avenue at Cabot Park in Newton to see what a safe dog park should look like. For safety’s sake a dog park should never be as far way from the road as this one is planned to be: a group of dogs in a narrow, confined space is a bad idea, as anyone who understands dog behavior will know, especially when the area can’t be seen from the road if help is required.

    This design needs to be reconfigured by people who know dogs well and will experience the dog park. I think the best, safest design for a dog park is a wide open space in sight of the road, with sunshine on a good sized gravel area for the dogs, and seating and trees with shade for dog owners.

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