6 thoughts on “LETTER: John Airasian on the Election, The Council and the Fire Issue

  1. Is this the same John Arasian that wrote a letter to the paper last year saying that the school funding in town was ok? Now it seems like the only issue candidates are talking about.

    • Hi Ethan,

      As far as the school funding goes, yes I thought they were asking for too much.
      I supported what the Town Council gave them which was the largest increase in funding for the schools in history.
      I think the advocates thought that was fair as I did.


  2. John Arasian should stick to selling suits, because what he’s trying to sell here is not the whole truth. It’s funny, John, that your issue doesn’t state the fact that the Town wanted more from the Fire Union than all other Unions and was awarded such from the Arbiter. Know or state all the facts before using something for your own political agenda.

  3. Hi Al,

    Nice to hear from you.
    The most important fact and non truth in this issue is what you have done
    here and then turn around and try to convince everyone it was somehow the Council and Manager’s fault.
    If you are looking for deception go in your backyard that is where you might find it.


  4. This quote from Menino should be put in to context. The mayor was the one that couldnt negotiate contracts with the police in the first place. If he had they would never have been to arbitration. Of course this award would upset the person on the other side of the table. Connolly lost the election a month later when he publicly said that he would vote down the award. Walsh won based on his union roots. Support for fire in town is stronger than you say if a fireman can almost beat the incumbent Lenk.

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