2 thoughts on “Watertown Firefighters Announce Town Councilor Candidate Endorsements

  1. Once again, candidates should decline endorsements from unions. There is a real conflict of interest here. I won’t vote for any candidate who accepts a union endorsement.

  2. That is childish Fred. You act like an endorsement equates to voting in lockstep. This is not Washington D.C., its Watertown. Do you really think ‘unions’ in Watertown endorsing a candidate is a ‘conflict of interest’?

    How about looking at it like an educated adult and going by the issues. Maybe look at why they are endorsing certain candidates. If I had gone 6 years without a raise/contract and had to sue the town while watching the mgr get multiple raises, Id be against the incumbents too.

    The real conflict of interest is outgoing councilor Corbett. A town councilor and developer of multi unit properties here in town who voted on zoning laws to allow more multi unit properties here in town.

    But wait, he’s not running for reelection. Why not? Im sure its not because he has 10 years on the Council and is now vested in the towns health insurance. Maybe its to go build more multi unit properties now that the zoning laws are changed.

    Tony Palomba is the only incumbent with the fortitude to vote against the mgr and his cronies. Look at his voting record.

    I agree with the firemen. Tony stays and all others out.

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