2 thoughts on “One End of a Watertown Street May be Closed to Traffic

  1. Closing of the outlet from Beacon Park on to Arsenal Street would be great! I live on Beacon Park across from the outlet. That outlet is used constantly by pass-thru drivers now to get to North Beacon Street from Arsenal Street or vice versa. It increases the traffic in the neighborhood substantially. With 300 new rental units being built directly across from Beacon Park and another 300 unit building being built off Irving Street nearby along with a new food store and retail outlets as part of the developments the traffic will overwhelm the small residential Beacon Park neighborhood. I do use that outlet on a regular basis, but have no problem limiting myself to major thoroughfares in the area.

  2. Before closing off individual streets I would suggest the town look into the bigger picture. Closing of individual streets may direct more traffic down the neighboring streets. I live on Frank Street in between Arsenal and Beachwood. The mouth of the project is right in front of Beachwood which has a daycare center on it with very little room for pick up and drop off. Cars already barrel down my street Frank when they hit the light at Beachwood to bypass it. When the project is finished there will be hundred of cars leaving at the highest traffic times sending them right down Beachwood and Frank. It is concerning that we are not working together as a community to make the town look at new pass through streets which won’t affect the neighborhoods. Athena and the Arsenal Project have plenty of land the town should look into using for these pass through streets. Much of it goes unused while the community suffers.

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