LETTERS: Residents Declare Their Support for a Council Candidate


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To the Editor:

Lisa Feltner has earned my vote this Tuesday for District B Town Councilor. I worked on Arsenal St. development issues with Lisa in her role as President of the Concerned Citizens Group (CCG). I have watched her bring people together as she had many, many conversations with her CCG constituents and other residents, with developers, and with town officials. She listened to people in District B and brought together a group of architectural professionals to advise about the developments proposed for western Arsenal Street. She also spearheaded the movement for a temporary moratorium on big developments to allow the Town time to thoughtfully plan new rules for such developments. That’s why we have Design Guidelines and Standards today. She gets things done by listening, communicating and working with people.

Regardless of how many things are posted on the Town website or how many emails go out, getting things done still takes affirmatively reaching out to talk with people. Lisa knows that’s far more effective, and what a public official needs to do, rather trying to act alone or only with the powerful. That’s the greatest strength she’ll bring to the job of District Councilor and something we really need.  In our form of town government, the Manager is stronger than the elected council, which acts more through the power to influence than through Council votes. Probably 90 percent of the work of a Town Councilor is or ought to be outside of the formal Council meetings; I believe Lisa will be very effective at that work because of her interpersonal skills and views about how government ought to be run. Lisa will work to build a forward-thinking, progressive consensus on the Council. Because of Lisa’s creative leadership and community building at a crucial time for our neighborhoods, she has earned my strong loyalty to her candidacy.

Jonathan Bockian
Irving Street


Two Residents Support District B Council Candidate

“We have known Lisa Feltner for almost 25 years, and without a doubt she is the best and most qualified candidate for District B Town Councilor. She has been a member of the District B community for over 20 years, and as president of the Concerned Citizens Group, has already had to present and represent the interests of a large constituency.

Lisa has a sincerity, intellect, integrity and accessibility, desperately needed. She listens to all those she represents – she will listen to all sides. She presents her well-researched arguments in a concise and coherent manner, and she consistently communicates her decisions and the results.

Isn’t this what we want in a Town Councilor?

Her resume of professional and private skills include a high level knowledge of development, transportation management, education, budgets, communication, teamwork, fundraising, storm water management, and more.

Please consider giving your vote to Lisa. Watertown needs a council that will demand a comprehensive approach, more intelligent development in our town, and protection for precious resources and vulnerable citizens.”

Linda Picceri
WHS ’67 and retired Watertown Teacher
Gail Dorey
WHS ’68, lifelong Watertown resident and writers of the town song, “Our Town”

A Vote for Lisa Feltner is a for the future of Watertown

Lisa has been active in working with community organizations to protect the environment, keeping watch on planning and zoning board decisions affecting neighborhoods.

She was instrumental in getting the town to hire a professional architect for the long range planning of future development in Watertown.

Vote for Lisa Tuesday November 3, 2015.

Muriel Gildea
Parker Street resident and concerned citizen since 1948

Supporter of District B Candidate

I had tried to locate on my computer anything that would explain the town ordinances and couldn’t find anything that resembled what I needed. Lisa, of course, did and I really appreciate her ongoing help.

Lisa is someone that we, the people of Watertown, can count on! She has our vote and our sincere respect for all the times she has helped us.

Diane Lamagna
Phillips Street resident

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