Coyote Sightings Have Been Reported Around Watertown

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Reports of coyotes roaming around Watertown have been reported recently. 

Last week, a report of a coyote was reported in the area of Whitney Hill, behind Victory Field, was put out on the Watertown Police radio.

On Halloween, a resident put up a notice on Nextdoor Watertown reporting that several people in the area of the Oakley Country Club have seen a “very healthy coyote, almost the size of a small husky” wandering around the area. The streets include Arden, Stoneleigh, Russell and Bailey streets.

Coyotes rarely attack humans, according to the Humane Society of the United States, but they do pose a threat to pets. The Humane Society has tips for keeping your cats and dogs safe, here.

When coyotes are seen during the daytime, it may mean they have found food sources, such as pet food left outdoors, or even fruit falling from trees.

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