Watertown Police Warn of Scam With People Posing as IRS Agents

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The Watertown Police Department warns residents to be aware of a phone scam where a caller claims to be from the IRS.

There have been recent reports scammers posing as IRS agents who ask for payments and information and who threaten people with arrest.

“The IRS will never contact residents by phone, email or any other social media asking for payment. Residents should always be aware of any person who asks for personal and financial information on the phone,” the Police announcement said.

5 thoughts on “Watertown Police Warn of Scam With People Posing as IRS Agents

  1. There have been so many warnings, news, and complaints filed about these IRS scams since years ago that I find at sites like http://whycall.me and news sites like this. However, there are still some people that fall for these scams. Why don’t they read all of those information that have been provided and can be found easily?

  2. My 94 year old aunt received a call from IRS. Threatening to sue her. Left this message on her answering machine with this number of the bureau to call 509-779-2433. I called that number and get a busy signal.

    • Sounds fishy. You could report it to the police.
      Also, when I get a call from a strange number or asking for something that sounds strange I google the number. People often post things if it is a scam.

  3. Received call from 509-390-6033; recorded female voice stated that the FBI has an arrest warrant for me for tax evasion. Always paid my taxes, no issues. I didn’t call back. Besides, if there was a tax issue the IRS would have sent me a letter not some computer saying it was the FBI. I reported to the IRS and http://1-800-database.com.

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