LETTER: Elected Town Council Candidate Thanks His Supporters


Dear Editor,

My sincerest thanks to each voter, volunteer, supporter, and family member that each contributed towards electing me as a Town Councilor At-Large on Tuesday. I appreciate the opportunity you have given to me and look forward to serving you all honorably during the coming term.

I pledge to collaborate with residents, town departments, and fellow councilors to ensure that we improve the quality of life and infrastructure in our community, while celebrating and enhancing our historical heritage and cultural diversity. There will be many opportunities for residents to remain engaged during the next two years, as Watertown will continue to be faced with challenges and opportunities that will require dialogue and debate. Please participate in that process, either by reaching out to your councilors via phone, email, or face-to-face.

Thank you again for expressing your confidence in my leadership.



Michael Dattoli
Carroll Street

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