LETTER: Council President Candidate Thanks People for Help and Support


Dear Editor,

I am gracious for and wish to thank all who voted for me on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

While we fell short of being elected, I met some absolutely fantastic old and new friends. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and discussing the community’s journey into the future.

This is a great community; and by being a candidate for an elective office, it contributes to your lifelong learning. As I travelled around each day and met someone new or old, during conversations, I learned something new and a different perspective from my own point of view that I had not considered.

I am grateful to those of you who were willing to share their ideas and time with me. I especially wish to thank my chair and treasurer and everyone who supported my candidacy by a monetary contribution, sign on their property, assistance with social media, leafletting, standing and holding signs at the polling sites.

I appreciate and am proud to be a Lifetime Honorary Member of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF#1347) who had my back throughout the campaign as they do for their fellow brothers in times of need.

In closing, the importance of how our democracy works and teaching civic responsibility to our young children, as part of the school’s curriculum, was pointed out to me on numerous occasions.

Clyde Younger
Candidate for Town Council President

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