LETTER: Resident Pleased With Hearing on RMUD Zoning Changes

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Congratulations to the Town Council and everyone from the community who testified at the RMUD hearing on Dec. 1. Mark Sideris ran an excellent hearing (as he always does) that gave full opportunity for all views to be heard, and many important points were brought up.

Every Council member spoke thoughtfully about their reasons for favoring and/or questioning the proposed ordinance. The concerns about process I and others raised because of the timing of the hearing were allayed. Additional formal hearings are necessary, but it seems to be baked into the formal hearing format that while Councilors and DCDP staff talk with each other, Councilors and the public can only talk at each other.

A big challenge ahead is to find an efficient way to follow through on suggestions by Counselors Polumba and Dushku for meaningful, constructive dialogue, with public participation, about specifics. Together, we may all be able to better understand the RMUD proposal and how it  can be improved.


Jonathan Bockian

One thought on “LETTER: Resident Pleased With Hearing on RMUD Zoning Changes

  1. Jonathan, you are the best! I appreciated your well-crafted comments and Gary’s design demo. There are many possibilities with the RMUD, and I am thrilled that the Council chose to to take the time to allow the public to catch up with the Council. We have questions and concerns. Now we will have an opportunity to discuss them, and get comfortable with the changes coming our way. I am so happy that you are an attentive citizen.

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