Watertown Community Foundation Hands out $12K in Health Grants

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Watertown Community Foundation

More than $12,000 in grants went to organizations working to make Watertown a healthier place, and will fund efforts to stop substance abuse, a school gardening program and more

The Watertown Community Foundation (WCF) Board of Directors has awarded $12,550 in “Healthy Watertown” grants funded by Tufts Health Plan Foundation to the following organizations serving Watertown.

Improbable Players: A grant to continue alcohol and drug abuse prevention education for the 6th grade students at Watertown Middle School.

Watertown Health Department and Live Well Watertown: A grant to help implement an after school wellness program that prepares high school students to educate and empower middle school students to make healthy lifestyle choices when enter high school.

Watertown Health Department and Watertown Police Department: A grant to help fund a substance abuse task force coordinator to raise awareness of substance use disorder in the community and further goals of prevention and education, and support, intervention, treatment and recovery.

Watertown High School Counseling and Academic Program: A grant for transportation so WHS students with emotional and behavioral disabilities can attend tours at two nearby colleges.

Watertown High School Feminist Coalition: A grant to this student organization so they can provide healthy relationship and consent training to the WHS community through speaker presentations and workshops.

Watertown High School Special Education Department: A grant to fund a hiking field trip and a “community breakfasts” baking program and other social events for WHS special education students.

Watertown Police Department: A grant to procure a supply of Narcan for police use at overdose incidents and to provide doses to Watertown residents who have loved ones with an opiate addiction.

Watertown Public Schools: A grant to continue to help fund a garden coordinator to implement the integrated curriculum and key components of a permanent garden program that serves students, families and teachers at Watertown’s public elementary schools.

Watertown Youth Coalition, Watertown Public Schools, and World in Watertown: A grant to help continue the Healthy Youth SPEAK (Sharing Personal Experience and Knowledge) Week Project, an initiative that brings educational speakers and activities to Watertown High and Middle Schools to educate students, faculty and parents about healthy decision-making and substance abuse, bullying, and suicide prevention while also promoting respect for diversity in Watertown.

The Watertown Community Foundation has awarded over $630,000 in grants since it was founded in 2003. It works to build and sustain a vibrant, close-knit community in Watertown – now, and for future generations. To accomplish this, WCF raises funds from individuals, families, and partner institutions; awards grants to non-profits and community projects; and builds networks of donors, grantees, program participants, and stakeholders.

WCF and its grantees are consistent leaders:

  • Advancing education and health,
  • Supporting the most vulnerable,
  • Protecting the environment,
  • Encouraging creativity and the arts,
  • Fostering community engagement.

Persons interested in supporting WCF: Please contact Michael Schade, Executive Director, at 617-926-1500, or mschade@watertownfoundation.org.

Visit the foundation online at WatertownFoundation.org. Like us on Facebook.

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