LETTER: Watertown Groups Denounce Trump’s Proposal on Muslims


To the Editor:

We write in strong support of people of the Muslim faith in Watertown, as well as Muslims across the nation. We are deeply disturbed by Donald Trump’s hostile outbursts, which are not only hurtful to Muslims, but an affront to all who value the founding principles of this country. The Puritans who established Watertown in 1630 risked their lives for religious freedom – precisely the freedom that Mr. Trump and other extremists are challenging today. By promoting the “Us vs. Them” perspective, Mr. Trump is fanning the flames of fear, and creating harmful divisions in the country, when in fact we should be coming together to support one another in these stressful times.

Let Watertown remain, as it has been for generations, an example of a diverse community in which people of many cultures and many faiths live peacefully together as friends and neighbors, respecting multiple traditions. We must be sure that every person feels safe and valued regardless of his or her heritage or faith. Let no one feel alienated, marginalized, or threatened because of nationality or religion. “E pluribus unum,” meaning “From many, one,” is our country’s original motto, and is also what makes “Watertown Strong.” May each one of us as individuals extend our hand in friendship to our Muslim neighbors, and to those who have come here from other lands, letting them know that they will be welcomed and valued as important members of our Watertown family.



Members from the following Community Organizations:

World in Watertown

Progressive Watertown

Sustainable Watertown

Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice, and the Environment

One thought on “LETTER: Watertown Groups Denounce Trump’s Proposal on Muslims

  1. Please leave the Puritans out of this. Let us not forget that the Puritans were Englishmen, remained Englishmen, and lived their lives according to established English customs, laws and norms.

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