Watertown Based Food Magazine Crowd Funding a Test Kitchen

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ChopChop Magazine seeks to build a test kitchen to further its mission of spreading healthy cooking ideas to children and families, and it needs your help.

The Watertown-based organization has an Indiegogo campaign going to raise the $50,000 needed to build the test kitchen.

“While we have made progress in getting kids to cook, we are lacking a kitchen to test recipes and offer hands-on cooking classes. Please help us build out a kitchen that will provide a place for local kids to build confidence and life-long skills,” says ChopChop’s appeal.

The kitchen will be located in Belmont and will serve as a place for families to learn how to cook the dishes developed by ChopChop, and will be very convenient for families in Watertown and Belmont.

Donors will receive gifts such as a one-year subscription to ChopChop Magazine and a ChopChop recipe book.

See what the donations will be used for and how to donate by clicking here. Learn more about ChopChop Magazine at www.chopchopmag.org

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