LETTER: Outgoing Library Trustee Reflects on the Inauguration

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To the Editor:

The Inauguration of Town Officials January 4 at the Arsenal Center for the Arts was a joyous occasion. I saw a lot of smiling people that evening, on stage and in the audience.

Congratulations to all. The good people of the City called the Town of Watertown elected a fine bunch of people to steer our community forward. Four years ago I recited the oath of office for the last time as a Library Trustee. It is a humbling experience to swear and affirm publicly to the rules and regulations of the Constitution. This time, watching the newly elected officials being sworn in, I silently repeated the words to the oath.

No longer a Trustee after 20 years in office, as a private citizen I shall continue to advocate for the Watertown Free Public Library and for the special collections and programs that make our library unique in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Katherine Button
Edward Road

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