3 thoughts on “Arsenal Mall Owners Reveal Some Visions for Revamping Their Property

  1. Although I wish it were true, it is not accurate that the Boylston Properties team said there would be no buildings on the Arsenal Project site taller than 3, 4 or 5 storeys. They clearly said that they are still evaluating building taller buildings along Greenough Boulevard, on the Charles River side of the property, next to the Home Depot parking area. I believe the comment about low-rise buildings was in the context of structures on the Arsenal St. side of the property. Until Boylston Properties says otherwise, I believe we should expect they will seek approvals to build one or more high-rise buildings along the river if the zoning allows it.

  2. Hoping they can get this done. I live next door in the townhouses and having all of this new stuff within walking distance would be excellent. The mall now is losing stores (sadly because my wife and I enjoy going there) and needs a revamp to get in some new business.

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