Are Your Property Taxes Higher Than Expected – You Can Appeal Them

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Some Watertown residents, especially those in two-family homes, have had some unpleasant surprises when they opened their property tax bills, but you have a chance to appeal them.

Because of changes in the residential property market in town, prices of two family homes are outpacing others, resulting in a sharp increase in tax bills for some (click here for more details). East End Town Councilor Angeline Kounelis said she has received many calls from alarmed residents who have had increases of $800, $900 or even over $1,000.

Meanwhile, the bills for single family homes and condominiums have actually gone down. In one case, Kounelis heard that a two-family home had an increase of $800 while a three-story single family home across the street had a decrease.

The Watertown Assessor’s office gives residents the opportunity to appeal their tax rate during the Abatement period.

Assessor Francis Golden said the Abatement Period ends on Monday, Feb. 1, 2016.

“At this time, that is the only course of assistance on the Fiscal Year 2016 Third Quarter Actual Bills. The two family assessment increases are town wide and have affected all of our two family assessments regardless of a specific geographic neighborhood,” Golden said in an email to Kounelis.

People with assessment issues can either call the Assessor’s office, 617-972-6410 to request an abatement form, or visit the Assessor’s office in Town Hall (149 Main St.) to file an abatement form.

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