Water Main Break in Waltham May Cause Brown Water in Watertown

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On Tuesday, a water main broke near the Watertown line in Waltham, and efforts to maintain water flow in Watertown could mean residents getting rusty water out of their faucets.

The pipe that ruptured at the intersection of River and Seyon streets in Waltham also carries MWRA water to Watertown, said Watertown Public Works Superintendent Gerald Mee.

River Street becomes Pleasant Street, and Mee said the flow of water in town had to be reversed to continue to provide service to areas of the west end of town. That stirs up the rust in the pipes, which may end up in people’s water, Mee said.

“The way to deal with it is to let your water run until it isn’t brown anymore,” Mee said.

Anyone with questions or concerns can call the DPW at 617-972-6420.

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