LETTER: Founder of Progressive Watertown Backs Steve Owens


Letter to Editor;

I’ve been lucky to be a political organizer in Watertown. Watertown’s reputation as a progressive base has grown with each election, from the Patrick for Governor campaign to the rousing campaigns for Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and other progressive statewide and local races.

In each of these elections, Steve Owens has proven his mastery of GOTV by helping to secure clear majorities for the Democratic candidate in Watertown. During these elections, the state-wide committees saved their resources and let Watertown run with it. In fact, the Warren campaign credits Watertown with training many of their regional coordinators.

All this happened during Steve Owens’ terms as Chair of the Watertown Democratic Committee. His organization at monthly meetings, and his planning and preparation for long term commitments, have been a model of consistency and leadership. More than anything else, Steve is always trying to encourage more activism and participation. He is a committed Democrat, a wonderful family man, and a friend. I was thrilled when he told me of his candidacy for a seat on the Massachusetts State Democratic Committee.

I encourage everyone to vote for Steve Owens for Democratic State Committeeman on the March 1 Presidential Primary ballot.


Progressively Yours,
Richard Marcus, Founder
Watertown4ElizabethWarren, Watertown4EdMarkey, ProgressiveWatertown

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