Eversource to Start Pruning Trees Soon, See if Your Street is on the List

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Eversource will begin trimming trees in a few weeks and will be working on dozens of streets in Watertown.

Most of the streets are in the west end of town, and maps of the areas to be pruned can be seen by clicking here.

Watertown Tree Warden Christopher Hayward sent out the following announcement:

It is anticipated that starting on Monday February 29, 2016,  Eversource contracted tree pruning crews (Lewis Tree) will be starting their Spring 2016 circuit pruning.  The routes the crews will be pruning are advertised in map and list form on the Watertown Tree Warden’s web page at http://www.watertown-ma.gov/index.aspx?nid=352  A copy of the signed Tree Warden’s permit is also posted on the Tree Warden webpage.

If you have any questions or concerns about this work, please contact the Watertown Tree Warden, Chris Hayward, at 617-972-6426 or chayward@watertown-ma.gov.

Here are the streets on the list for Eversource’s tree pruning in the spring of 2016

  • Wesminster Avenue
  • Bemis Street
  • Waverley Avenue
  • King Street
  • Carey Avenue
  • Cleveland Road
  • Morrison Road
  • Brookline Street
  • Webster Street
  • Warren Street
  • Bancroft Street
  • Edenfield Avenue
  • French Street
  • Homer Street
  • Myrtle Street
  • Middle Street
  • Purvis Street
  • Olney Street
  • Main Street
  • Oakley Street
  • Acton Street
  • Lexington Street
  • Howard Street
  • Waltham Street
  • Edward Road
  • Green River Way
  • Rutland Street
  • Evans Street
  • Bromfield Street
  • Pine Street
  • Jensen Road
  • Brandley Road
  • Falmouth Road
  • Puritan Road
  • Pilgram Road
  • Morrison Road
  • Morton Street
  • Olcott Street
  • Gilbert Street
  • Prescott Street
  • Longfellow Road
  • Whitman Road
  • Emerson Road
  • Partridge Street
  • Gleason Street
  • Stuart Street
  • Wilmot Street
  • King Street
  • Copeland Street
  • Hersom Street
  • Chapman Street
  • Grandview Avenue
  • Heather Road
  • Desmond Road
  • Highland Avenue


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