LETTER: Resident, Teacher Supports David Kazis for Democratic State Committee


I am happy and proud to support David Kazis for Democratic State Committee Man on Tuesday, March 1 during the Presidential Primary. He is young, energetic, and ready to serve.

I have known David for many years now and watched his commitment to our community and his involvement in political affairs across the state. His experience with City Year and Americorps where he assisted victims from hurricanes Katrina and Rita is inspirational.

As a teacher, I know firsthand the importance of putting our children first and I am certain that David will play a big role in helping Watertown and moving the Democratic agenda forward to ensure that the Party is listening and attracting new voters to get involved in the political process.

Please stand with me and vote for David Kazis on March 1.


Thank you,
David Cutler
Walnut Street

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