Town Manager Releases Statement on Filming at Scene of Watertown Shootout

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Town Manager Michael Driscoll reacted to the proposal to shoot a film in Watertown recreating the events of the Boston Marathon Bombings, including at the site of the Watertown Shootout.

Representatives from CBS Films met with residents of Laurel Street on Feb. 12, and shared the proposed schedule. The filming included night action where the sounds of gunshots would be used to recreate the firefight between Watertown Police and the Tsarnaev brothers.

Word that the dramatic events would be replayed in the same area where they occurred was met with an outpouring of emotional responses from Watertown residents, a majority of whom opposed the idea.

Town Manger Michael Driscoll said the town will hold another public meeting in the future in a statement released Wednesday morning:

“CBS Films has requested to come to Watertown to film at several locations including recreating the Watertown Shootout when police encountered the Boston Marathon Bombers at the intersection of Dexter Avenue and Laurel Street.

An initial meeting was held and CBS Films was asked to reach out to the Laurel Street neighborhood to hear their thoughts on preliminary plans to film five nights on Laurel Street.

Another meeting will be scheduled with CBS Films in the very near future to review their findings and determine how best to proceed.”

6 thoughts on “Town Manager Releases Statement on Filming at Scene of Watertown Shootout

  1. I hope the meeting will not be scheduled on the Friday at the beginning of a school vacation week (like the first one), or another day/time that is not convenient, and that the meeting notice will be widely circulated.

  2. This “event” affects more than just the people on Laurel Street. MANY have PTSD issues from this. Check with McLeans Hospital…they had many residents from Watertown seek help to deal with the trauma.
    Anytime helicopters are circling, check the Facebook pages…people are concerned and afraid.
    This event does NOT need to be repeated here. Why terrify our children (and adults) again?

  3. I was absolutely appauled at the idea of the filming happening at all, never mind being shot in Watertown. People were killed in a brutal and horrific way and after only three years Mr. Wallberg and friends decide this is a subject suitable for entertainment? As a Watertown resident, I don’t want any part of a reenactment of what was a fearful and traumatic day. I urge town leaders to deny the request.

  4. Not s good idea too many frantic people and with the gun shot sounds during filming it will freak people out and the kids in the area not at night especially late

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