Town Council Decides How to Fill Vacancy on Library Board of Trustees

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One of the Library Trustees announced she will step down from the board, and the Town Council had its choice of ways to fill the vacancy.

Tuesday night, Town Council President Mark Sideris said the Council could call a special election to fill the seat, left open when Gracemarie LeBlanc resigned. They could also allow the other Trustees to work with Sideris to appoint a new member.

Sideris recommended that the town not call a special election to fill just one spot on the Library Trustees.

Instead, the Trustees would put out a call for applicants to fill the spot. Then Sideris and the Trustees would hold a public meeting to discuss the candidates and choose one.

This has occurred in the past, most recently resulting in the appointment of Chris Beach, who is no longer on the board.

The Council considered a motion to call a special election, but it was voted down 9-0. Therefore, they will use the approach of having the Trustees and the Council President choose the new member.

{The story was updated. Due to incorrect information from the Council previous version incorrectly said Tim Tracy was appointed to the Trustees. He was voted onto the board}

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