One thought on “School Officials Need a Vision for the New High School, Start Talking with Voters

  1. Dear Fellow Watertown Residents,

    My children have long since graduated from WHS. It has never been a question of “IF” we need a new high school, but rather “WHEN”. The fact is that we have needed a new high school since I graduated from it in the 1970’s. And the longer we wait, the more it will cost.
    Just about every other Middlesex League High School has been rebuilt. Newton North has been rebuilt twice. Please join me in supporting a proposed new high school for Watertown and then figuring out where it should be built. Our leaders in Watertown have wisely rebuilt our infrastructure including fire stations, police station, DPW facility, recycle center and library since any new school has been built. (No I don’t count additions to old buildings as new schools.)
    Yes, the time has come to build the new high school that our town deserves rather than continuing to spend millions on maintenance and repair that is required to keep the old building open. Let me put one final thought in writing. My mom is 98 years old and she attended the same WHS building that I did and my children did. It’s about time we get this done.

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