Latest Plans for Filippello Park Has More Space for a Dog Park

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The latest conceptual drawing of the renovated entrance to Filippello Park with an extended dog park area.
The latest conceptual drawing of the renovated entrance to Filippello Park with an extended dog park area.

The area for a dog park is much larger in the latest version of the plans to renovate the entrance to Filippello Park, and the plan would keep the athletic courts in the area near the driveway. 

Recreation Department Director Peter Centola and the town’s consultant, Glenn Howard of CDM Smith, presented the latest version of the park plan last week during a meeting at Town Hall.

The new plan shows a long stretch of land on the south side of the driveway dedicated to dogs. Part of the area would be for large dogs, another section for small dogs, and a “time out” area. Centola said the changes were made after residents commented on the previous version.

“A section of the area was dedicated to the dog park,” Centola said. “We are still working out the details of how to split it up with gates and fences.”

A previous plan from September 2015 had only about half the amount of space dedicated to dogs. Compared to the dog park at Danehy Park in Cambridge, near Fresh Pond, the Watertown one would be approximately twice the size, Centola said.

While the drawing changed drastically, Centola said it is still a work in progress.

“We are still at a stage where we are yet to finalize the details,” Centola said. “We wanted to get consensus  for the concept. We wanted to see if people were on board for the general concept.”

The Recreation Department is limited with what it can do with the parcel, Centola said.

“Because it is the former site of the town incinerator and a former dump, we have to be careful,” Centola said. “We have to got to the DEP (Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection) for final approval.”

Changes from the current park include moving the driveway off Grove Street from south of the basketball courts, to the north side. Also, one of the basketball courts would be turned into a court for futsal – a form of soccer.

A plan from September 2013 included bocci courts, but those are no longer on the conceptual drawings. Some four square courts have been added, however.

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