See Which Town Will ‘Play’ Watertown in the Patriots Day Movie

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Filmmakers originally wanted to use the actual location of the shootout with the Boston Marathon Bombers in Watertown to recreate the action, but when that proved problematic they moved to … Rockland(?).

The town in Plymouth County, outside Brockton, will be the site of the Watertown Shootout scenes in the film that stars Mark Wahlburg and J.K. Simmons. Wicked Local Braintree reported that shooting has already begun.

When CBS Films announced the film would not be shot in Watertown, some in town speculated that the movie would be shot in Somerville, Boston or a few other communities, but Rockland never came up.

Watertown will have some impact on the film. Filmmakers are working with members of the Watertown Police Department, including Sgt. Jeff Pugliese – involved in the shootout – who met with J.K. Simmons, who will portray Pugliese.

Read the entire story on Wicked Local Braintree by clicking here.

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