Workers at New Office Building Will Enjoy Meals Prepared by Strip T’s

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One of Watertown’s newest developments, LINX, will feature prime office space and gourmet food options as Watertown favorite Strip T’s will provide grab-and-go fare.

LINX is located at 490 Arsenal Street – the former Verizon facility – and will be have a rear entrance onto Nichols Avenue. While workers can go out to eat at restaurants in Coolidge Square or Arsenal Street, they will have an in-house option, said Jeffrey Heidelberg, project manager for Boylston Properties.

“We’ve been working with Paul (Maslow) for a grab-and-go type of eatery,” Heidelberg said. “He does a great job at Strop T’s and I expect he’ll do a great job at LINX. He’s such a great operator I think it’s going to be a great thing.”

Heidelberg said it also fits in with the effort to integrate LINX into the community.

“That’s why we opened the Nichols entrance,” Heidelberg said.

Construction is well underway, but Boylston has not yet finalized leasing with any tenants yet, Heidelberg said.

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