LETTER: Support Watertown Goes Purple to End Alzheimer’s Disease


My Name is Judy Johanson.

I am a Mother to two amazing children and a Mother-in-Law to their wonderful spouses. I’m “Nana” to three cherished grandchildren and most importantly, I am the wife and Care Partner to my brave and grace-filled husband Steve.

Steve was diagnosed four years ago with Younger Onset Alzheimer’s disease at age 58. Needless to say this was an unexpected turn of events in our life, but given the circumstances, we have chosen to live our lives striving for hope towards a cure for this disease while embracing beauty in each day spent together!

With the supportive guidance we have received from the Alzheimer’s Association, we have learned that while there may not currently be a cure, we could take an active and empowering role in the trajectory of eradicating this disease.

On Saturday, as participants in the Alzheimer’s Association event called “The Longest Day,” we are asking Watertown to get creative and go “Purple” to stand in solidarity against a disease that has touched so many families.

There will be people wearing purple all over town. Businesses will feature purple displays and families are holding lemonade stands helping to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease.

We invite you to visit our Facebook page “Watertown Goes Purple to Endalz” to learn more or get involved. Unlike other diseases there is no cure and no survivors but there is reason to hope when many unite for a common goal.

Join us in a “Hope Lap” at Victory field (@ 10 am) as we aspire towards our vision of a day when we will cheer on survivors as they valiantly stride around that track to celebrate a Survivor’s Lap!

We will not rest until future generations know only of Alzheimer’s disease as a thing of the past. We join the Alzheimer’s Association in their vision of a world without Alzheimer’s!

Watertown is a strong community. Please join us as we make a statement that no on has to walk this journey alone!


Judy and Steve Johanson
Watertown Residents

2 thoughts on “LETTER: Support Watertown Goes Purple to End Alzheimer’s Disease

  1. Judy & Steve & all the family –Thank you for your transparency & efforts directed to this wonderful cause . We pray for your future & the results of ALS research.

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