Town Manager Signs Letter Urging Congress to Vote on Gun Control Bills

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Watertown Town Manager Michael Driscoll signed a letter urging Congress to take a vote on gun control legislation, along with other mayors and town mangers from Massachusetts. 

The letter was organized by Congresswoman Katherine Clark, who presented it at a recent gathering of municipal leaders from the 5th Massachusetts Congressional District. See the letter from the mayors below.

The letter urges House Speaker Paul Ryan to allow a vote on legislation that would prevent suspected terrorists from obtaining guns, and expand background checks on those seeking to buy guns.

The meeting was for town managers, mayors and town administrators, but Driscoll could not attend. Instead, Town Councilor Susan Falkoff attended. Driscoll signed the letter this week.

Also at the meeting, Falkoff said municipal leaders discussed common problems.

“Transportation is as big a problem as here, and also the opioid epidemic,” Falkoff said. “Congresswoman Clark said (opioids) is virtually the only problem Republicans and Democrats agree on.”

Katherine Clark Gun Letter

3 thoughts on “Town Manager Signs Letter Urging Congress to Vote on Gun Control Bills

  1. Mike Driscoll has no business signing any letter of this kind. He is an employee of the town and does not represent the political interests of Watertown or the community.

  2. Yes, there should be stringent law on owning guns in the country. And conducting an extensive background check on those people would be the best thing to curb crimes and violence. Criminal background check is crucial as it would help to know if the person was ever convicted or not and how serious the crime was. People having a criminal background might again tempt to repeat their wrongdoing if they get the gun easily.

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