3 thoughts on “Policy Changes Will Allow Superintendent to Place Students to Avoid Overcrowding

  1. I love that picture, the superintendent with a bottle of diet Coke. And they continue to promote “healthy” food and drink to the kids within the schools. “Do as I say, not as I do.” My laugh for the day!

  2. One should hope that this is a short term solution and keeps all the schools class sizes at a cap. What is the overall short term solution for 2017? I did not read that there will be a specific cap on class sizes for all the Elementary schools which I believe should be mandated until all schools have hit that cap. Special programming should also take into consideration class size and if this becomes and issue(all new kids need special programming only currently at one school?(is this the case for some)) they will need to add classrooms(which can not be done due to no more classrooms) or add special programming to other schools(the only option really). How is this spelled out in the plan?

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